The Happy Shack - Currently closed due to Covid risks

It is difficult for families with a child being treated for cancer to continue to enjoy family time together in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Concerns about access and the appropriateness of facilities, along with the costs involved, often prevent these families from enjoying the benefits of outdoor activities.  The Happy Shack will provide families with the chance to enjoy a low-cost day together, enjoying the benefits of a relaxed outdoor 'holiday' environment, that is tailored to their needs.


Families with children who are or have been recently treated for cancer can book to use the beach hut for a family day trip.  The current hut is located  Heacham  North Beach in West Norfolk. Donations will be used to provide appropriate equipment and facilities in the hut, travel expenses, and seaside treats such as ice-creams and other refreshments.

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The Happy Shack is for use by families living in the East of England (Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk) who have a child who is currently or has recently been treated for cancer or leukaemia.


As of 2016, it is also available to families of children suffering from ANY long term illness or disability. Bookings can be made by these families at any time, although priority will be given to families who have not booked the Shack within the past 6 months.


Any other requests for bookings by families not meeting the criteria will be considered only as a last minute booking within 7 days of the requested date, and will be subject to a minimum donation.


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Terms & Conditions of booking the Happy Shack